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What to bring to Cuba – Cycling Edition

May 21, 2019 | by Serafina Vick


All of our bike tours include a fully-equipped support vehicle and specialist biking guide, so you will be well looked after, but there are a few essentials you will need to bring on your biking trip:


    Yes, those pesky beggars are everywhere and most likely to attack when you’ve stopped for a nice break. Bring a bottle of eco-friendly bug spray with you and refresh throughout the day.

  2. Sun cream

    This is essential to everyone cycling in Cuba. The Cuban sun is fierce and you can burn within minutes, even through cloud. Make sure you have high factor sun cream with you at all times so that you can stay protected. It’s likely that you will be cooling off in rivers or the sea, so please bear in mind these natural habitats and wear eco-friendly sun cream.

  3. Sunglasses

    Keep your eyes protected from sun, dust and bugs with a decent pair of sunglasses.

  4. Water bottle

    All of our bikes have a bottle holder and we provide water, but you should bring your own bottle.

  5. Snacks

    Ground peanut and fresh fruit will be available on the road, but chocolate bars and other kinds of snacks are hard to find, so you might like to bring a stash of your favourite cereal bars or sweets to maintain your energy levels.

  6. Your bike bits

    Regular cyclists are welcome to make themselves at home by bringing their own seat and/or peddles.

  7. Waterproof jacket

    Rain is always a possibility in Cuba, so come prepared with a light-weight waterproof.

  8. Cycling shorts

    Keep saddle-sore at bay with a few pairs of padded cycling shorts. Cuban roads are full of potholes, so the more padding the better!

  9. Cycling helmet

    Heads come in all shapes and sizes, so we ask our travellers to bring their own bike helmets.

Written by

Serafina Vick

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