How to fill out the Cuba D’Viajeros Travel Form

March 3, 2023 | by Cubania Team

Getting ready to travel to Cuba? Make sure you follow our steps to complete the D’Viajeros travel form before you travel. The form must be completed and shown at the airport before and after travelling to the island and requires passengers to input data such as their passport information, travel plans, and customs declarations.

Filling D’Viajeros form is mandatory for each passenger, and although it can be a bit confusing, we’re hoping our easy guide will help you fill it in without issues!

Step 1: Go to this site

You can only fill in this form 48hrs prior to departure so don’t even try beforehand!

The first screen you’ll see looks like this:

D'Viajeros form to enter cuba

Step 2: Select your language

If you don’t speak Spanish then click Top Right Hand ‘Lenguaje’ tab for the dropdown language menu and choose Ingles/ English which will instantly translate the page for you!

Step 3: Click on ‘Form Request’ to start the process

A form will appear on the page.

Step 4: Fill in your personal data

Please note mandatory fields in RED. When you’ve done this, click the button that says ‘NEXT’.

D'Viajeros form step by step guide

Step 5: Migratory information

Fill in ‘Flight information’ and ‘Arrival Airport’. If you’re arriving in Havana, it’s Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Marti (HAV)


Step 6: Sanitary Information

Fill in information ‘Sanitary Information’ including ‘Vaccination information’. If you haven’t been vaccinated you should have a negative PCR test (although currently not mandatory for entry to Cuba. Please refer to UK GOV’s Cuba entry requirements here )


Step 7: Select your vaccination type from the drop-down menu

DViajeros form vaccines


Step 8: Choose where you’re going

Make it easy for yourself and just select La Habana 🙂
When it comes to Municipalities, choose Habana Vieja or Plaza de la Revolucion for accommodation in the Vedado area.

DViajeros migratory information where to stay

Step 9: Choose where you’re staying

  • If you’re staying in a Casa Particular choose House or room for rent and add the name and address we have given you for your first night’s stay.
  • If you’re staying in a Hotel choose Hotel, then select a hotel from the drop-down menu


Step 10: Customs Information

There is no requirement to declare what you are bringing unless you are bringing more than $5,000 in cash or miscellaneous non-personal items worth more than $1,000.

Please make sure you tick the boxes asking whether you have any unaccompanied baggage AND if you have anything to declare to Customs.

Step 11: Sworn declaration

Nothing confusing here….

Step 12: The PDF

Make sure you view PDF and print it or save it.

With other QR codes, you get sent a copy via email, but NOT so with Cuba! This is why it’s critical that you’ve saved a copy.
I print a version AND put a copy in my phone wallet just in case….

…and that’s it! You’re one step closer to your dream Cuban adventure!

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