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February 8, 2019 | by admin

I was born in the Guanabacoa municipality in Havana and my childhood was typical of a young generation who lived through the effects of the USSR collapse. My first English lessons were learning the Beatles’ lyrics with my parents when I was 8. Later I studied English and French at University and worked speaking on the Cuban radio. I was also previously a teacher, and maybe that is the reason why I love showing my country to those who come to discover my lovely island. My passion is History but I also just having an active lifestyle. My favourite activity is living and enjoying the authentic Cuba. Most people who come to Cuba for the first time have no idea about this piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean, but when they return to their homes with a new understanding of Cuba, I can say my work is done. I will always welcome those who respectfully want to know about, so I can tell you why baseball is our first National Sport and domino is the second one.

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