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Cuba – 99 problems and eggs is one

January 4, 2018 | by Cubania Travel

Cuba – 99 problems and eggs is one

Though Hurricane Irma was all over the headlines in September, there is little evidence of it left in Cuba, with one exception: eggs. Oh to have eggs…for the last 2 months eggs have been a luxury item and Cubans are currently rationed to 5 eggs per person per month. Anything beyond that needs to be bought off a nervous-looking man whispering “huevos” at a petrol station for upwards of 8 dollars. For those without a ration book or a connection, eggs are simply non-existent. It’s understood that if someone has eggs, you don’t dare ask where they came from, you just watch them hoovering up their omelette with envious eyes.

Cuba is a rampant rumour-mill at the best of times, but the scarcity of eggs has added a host of new ovum-related tales to the usual stories of dog meat burgers and death by chillies. One rumour says bakeries are being closed down because they’re using illegal eggs, others say bakeries are asking clients to bring their own eggs. The shortage is reportedly due to hens getting scared during the hurricane – 2 months on, it seems they’re yet to recover. Jokes (or should I say yolks) about group therapy for hens and PTSD abound. One thing’s for sure – Irma didn’t have any adverse effects on Cuba’s wicked sense of humour.

Serafina Vick.

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Cubania Travel

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