Best bars and nightclubs in Havana

June 30, 2023 | by Cubania Team

Havana is infamous for its buzzing nightlife scene. Going out feels pretty safe, locals are always friendly, and you get to experience the real ritmo Cubano! Reggaeton to rumba or electro-funk, Havana nights are packed with anecdotes, memorable moments, and if you are not careful… some epic hangovers!

Whether you are travelling to Havana for a short getaway, or visiting as part of a longer Cuba tour, you want to make sure you visit the most iconic bars with the tastiest cocktails, the best venues to watch live music, or the coolest clubs to dance the night away! If you’re up for the local scoop on the top places to experience an epic night in Havana, then read on…


The best bars 

Bars are a must if you are staying in Havana. These are perfect to grab a few drinks and something to eat in the evening when you don’t fancy an all-nighter (although some of them do open until pretty late!)


FAC (Fabrica de Arte Cubano)

This converted cooking oil factory warehouse, now a hub of Havana’s trending creativity, really has it all.

The cheap entrance fee gives you access to live music, DJs, movies, art exhibitions, fashion shows, incredible cocktails and even a restaurant. The vibe of FAC is super friendly and fun and with all the options this place has to offer it really is a no-brainer. If you are short of time and can only go to one place, make it here.


Top Cubania Tip: Eating at their restaurant (Tierra) will give you access to skip the line!  Make sure to book before heading there.  


photo of cubania team and friends having a drink at yarini bar in havana


Yarini is arguably one of the coolest spots in town. Here you will find amazing live music and sets from Havana’s trendiest DJs, all whilst sipping on some stunning cocktails. The drinks list is vast and varied, with uniquely curated cocktails that will be sure to cater to all palettes. If you’re after a gorgeous terrace to soak up all the aesthetics of Havana, Yarini is one of your best bets! They also have some solid food options with small sharing plates and main courses on the menu, something for everyone.


cocktail with watermelon and barmaid with tattoos preparing drinks at bar melodrama in havana


This bar has a real alternative, quirky vibe so if you’re looking to do something different to the more typical, touristy Havana bars and clubs, this could be a great option for you. Although this spot is more low-key than some of our other options, don’t let this fool you into thinking it has sub-par food and drink! Melodrama has a great cocktail list and some really tasty tapas. It also has a very laid-back vibe with no reservations required.



This spot is a great option if you are after reasonably priced drinks and a salsa session! Originally a fancy restaurant, locals now avoid the food and choose 1830 as the place to dance salsa on the open air waterfront terrace. It’s only open on Thursdays and Sundays, so make sure you mark the dates in your calendars while you are in Havana. As 1830 is right on the waterfront in Vedado, you can enjoy the sea breeze and scenic views as you dance under the stars. Friendly and fun, locals will invite you onto the dance floor if you don’t have a dance partner.


Photo of el bleco bar in havana at night with a dj playing music

El Bleco

If you’re after a laid-back uber cool terrace with cocktails, house, techno and afrobeat DJs, El Bleco is the spot for you. El Bleco is a terrace bar with great cocktails (this is definitely a running theme in Havana!) and great pizzas – so perfect for evening drinks and a casual bite to eat. Bleco was also set up by Wilson, which if you are a local in Havana, you’ll know he is a much-loved barman! Bleco is also home to a stunning terrace overlooking the Malecón.



This no-nonsense bar does what Havana does best – good Jazz music, cocktails and good food.  Located in Vedado, Hbar has a really authentic Cuban vibe and is more of a low-key vibe and less-known to tourists than some of the other options on our list. Alongside its great Jazz music offerings, it also has DJs that play sets if you’re looking to switch it up.


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Late night spots

We can’t talk about Cuban nightlife without recommending to you our favourite nightclubs to dance the night away! We’ve stayed away from tourist traps so you can enjoy a more authentic, hip side of Havana, here they are:



SangriLa really has it all if you are wanting to spend the night here. It is a bar with great cocktails that also turns into a late-night club which is open until 4am. It also hosts DJ sets and concerts. SangriLa could be considered slightly out of the way from the main Havana city centre with all the other bars, however, it is a really popular spot for Gen Zs looking for a cool crowd, and for good reason too.


cuban people clubbing at bar mio y tuyo

Mío Tuyo

If reggaeton and rum are more your scene, then look no further than Mío Tuyo. This bar/club is a really large venue and has a super young, cool vibe to it. With nearly 100K followers on their Instagram account, it’s no wonder this is a go-to hot spot for party-goers in Havana. Mío Tuyo is also open late, so you won’t have to worry about the party stopping prematurely.


King Bar

King Bar is another really well-known bar in Havana if you are after a late-night vibe. Great music, guaranteed fun and great cocktails. It’s also open really late (or early, however you want to look at it!). The crowd of people that go here is really varied, as is the genre of music they play, so they are sure to have something for everyone!

We hope this roundup of our top spots to enjoy Havana’s nightlife does the trick for you and if you have any suggestions, do reach out on social media and let us know!


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