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11 reasons why solo travelling through Cuba is the best way for you to experience the country

February 25, 2019 | by Serafina Vick

Solo travel is on the rise, and thanks to recent developments in technology and global awareness, it’s easier than ever. More and more travellers are hitting the road alone, ready to learn about the world and themselves. Travellers relish the opportunity to switch off from their everyday lives and explore at their own pace, with nothing but their thoughts to accompany them. But solo travel doesn’t have to be all alone-time, plenty of solo travellers join group tours. The advantages are endless, but here are just 11 reasons for joining a Cubania trip as a solo traveller:

  1. Challenge yourself

    Sometimes a little peer-pressure can do you good. Being part of a group encourages you to try things you never thought you would, it can also force you to push yourself that little bit further. Whether you’re on an active, cycling or cultural trip, encouragement from your fellow travellers will help to break down your barriers and have the time of your life.

  2. Make new friends

    Cuba is a barmy place and there’s nothing like navigating this labyrinth of music and sunshine to create a bond with your travel companions. Cuba attracts those with open minds so you’re sure to find your group is made up of like-minded individuals. Travelling in a group means you’ll have people to share your experience with: someone to take your picture against a perfect sunset: someone to laugh with in your first salsa class.

    E-bike group tour Havana, Cuba

  3. Safe and sounds

    Cuba is one of the safest countries in the Caribbean and Central America, but it feels even safer when you’re part of a group. Let your hair down in the knowledge that your guide and fellow travellers have got your back. When you’re on your own losing your luggage, misplacing your bank card or getting ill can feel like the end of the world, but our experienced team will be available to support you every step of the way.

  4. Save

    It can be expensive to travel on your own, especially if you’re paying to have your own room. Sharing a room with another solo traveller in a group saves you hundreds of pounds on single supplements. Whatever you do in Cuba, groups often receive discounts, so you can save on taxis, excursions and even food.

  5. Share

    From photos to bug spray to an internet connection, group travellers share their resources. In a destination like Cuba where basic good can be difficult to come by, sharing is even more vital. Your guide will also share with you: letting you into local secrets and giving you insights into their vibrant culture.

    Two girls taking a photo in Havana, Cuba

  6. A Global Network

    Cubania hosts travellers from all over the world, so if you join one of our tours you’ll be making friends from every corner of the globe. As well as Spanish, you may be learning Korean, Swedish or Maori. Experiencing Cuba with a multi-cultural, multi-national group will allow you to see this beguiling country through a wider global lens, highlighting the influences the island has inherited from across the world.

  7. Lasting Ties

    Our groups stay in touch long after their trip to Cuba is over, going on to share memories, photos and sometimes other destinations too. Many of our guides also stay in touch with travellers and have even visited them on their home turf!

  8. Get stuck in

    Our guides make sure all our travellers have as much interaction with locals as possible, whether they speak Spanish or not. This gives you the opportunity to really get stuck into life in Cuba in a way you might not be able to on your own. All of our trips include visits to local community projects, many of which you wouldn’t come across travelling on your own.

  9. It’s all done for you

    That’s right – you don’t have to worry about a thing. Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to Cuba. We’ll pick you up from the airport, book the best available accommodation for you, arrange all your transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle and provide you with a highly-knowledgeable local guide. Our Havana office will be available to you 24/7 offering you full support before and during your trip. In short, we’ll do the boring bits so you can enjoy your Cuban adventure!


    Solo Travel in Cuba

  10. Open your mind

    Between your diverse travel companions, your guide, and all the many Cubans you’ll meet throughout your trip, you’ll be exposed to a variety of opinions and perspectives, giving you a truly mind-opening experience.

  11. Be part of something

    Cubania is more than just a travel agency, we’re a community, and all of our travellers become part of our extended family. With Cubania, you’ll never be a solo traveller.



Written by

Serafina Vick

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