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Planning a trip to Cuba but wondering when would be the best time to go? Ultimately, the best time to visit Cuba depends on your priorities. Do you crave flawless weather and bustling activity? Seeking an adventure with fewer crowds? Hopefully, this handy guide will help you decide:

Dry Season: November to April

Pros: With sunny,  warm days (average 27°C/80°F), cool nights, and minimal rain, the dry season makes it ideal for travelling to Cuba and exploring the island in Cuba’s perfect winter weather. Immerse yourself in the Havana International Jazz Festival, the Parranda de Bejucal folk music festival, or soak up the artistic energy of the Biennial of Havana art exhibition.


Cons: It’s High Season so prices can be a little higher and it’ll be busier, especially around Christmas and New Year’s. Booking accommodation and activities in advance is crucial.

Shoulder Months: May & October

Pros: Expect slightly more humidity and occasional rain showers, but still plenty of tropical sunshine and less crowds. These months are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking in the lush Viñales Valley or exploring the underwater world on a scuba diving trip.

Cons: October is still hurricane season and although rare, hurricanes can hit the island in October.  The good news is Cuban authorities have an excellent track record of evacuating both residents and tourists from at-risk areas in the event of a hurricane.

Hurricane Season: June to September

Pros: Travelling during hurricane season is possibly the cheapest time of the year to visit Cuba (except for July and August when Spanish and Italian holidaymakers throng the island and its spectacular beaches). With less tourism on the island in June and September, you can enjoy a more secluded experience at beaches and historical sites.

The best time of the year to experience Santiago is July when the streets are alive with street parties! “Fiesta del Fuego” kicks off in early July and the  world-famous Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba is celebrated in late July – a vibrant street party overflowing with music, dance, and costumes.

Cons: However, be prepared for the possibility of heavy rains, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes (peak season is August-October). Days will be hot and sunny, and the humidity can be high and sticky!

Cuba is open! Book your trip now!

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