What’s On Havana! Sep 2014

The ultimate guide to Havana with detailed reviews of where to eat, drink, dance, shop, visit and play. Unique insights to the place that a gregarious, passionate and proud people call home.

What’s On Havana! Sep 2014

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We have found our spiritual side month. Maybe it was the ice-cold bucket of water that provoked some inner contemplation; perhaps it was the 24-hour yoga session or maybe it was simply something in the air this month—whatever it was, we are paying tribute to Cuba’s smorgasbord of beliefs and traditions, which largely co-exist in a happy equilibrium.

After all, when you scratch beneath the surface in Cuba everyone believes in something—observe the most inflexible atheist when the Cuban baseball team gets to the final of the World Baseball Classic!

September 8 marks the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and this is celebrated in various processions throughout Cuba. Conner Gorry is not buying into this religious renaissance and her article on the Pope’s visit to Cuba back in 2013 may be the necessary antidote for any remaining atheists who are not buying it.

Lydia Bell and Antonio Baiano, who explore Santeria and the Secrets of the Saints, delve into the African roots of Cuba. Victoria Alcalá rounds out this religious issue with a piece on the past and present Jewish community in Cuba.

September is a month for dance in Havana. Ballet, folkloric, Modern dance, Spanish dance—take your pick. We recommend Danza Abierta’s ShowRoom (Sep13), Ballet Español de Cuba (Sep 16-17) at Teatro Mella and Habana Rakatán at Centro Cultural Bertolt Brecht (Sep 12-13).

What's On Havana Sep 2014 - Virgen de la Caridad

At the end of September, get ready for the 6th Leo Brouwer Festival, which is truly one of Cuba’s premier music festivals with world-class invitees scheduled to participate.

If you have a chance, don’t miss the final summer party at Club Havana on Sunday night. These parties have been rocking all summer—beautiful people blowing bubbles at a hedonistic fiesta of music and dance.

Do check out our expanded Havana Guide, which is growing to accommodate the new bars, restaurants and casas particulares that continue to spring forth adding vitality and energy to Havana’s entertainment and hospitality scene.

Download full events guide (pdf)

What's On Havana Sep 2014 - Santeria

September 2014 Highlights (Havana, unless stated)

  • Sep 7, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Sep 26-Oct 12, 6th Leo Brouwer Festival

What's On Havana Sep 2014 - Calendar

Download full events guide (pdf)

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