What is the walking like in Cuba?
The walking is generally straightforward, however some days may be longer than others and the weather can make this slightly harder if it’s very hot or if there is torrential rainfall. Generally the terrain is not difficult to walk on and we use trails that are shaded by vegetation and trees where possible. There are also opportunities for bathing in rivers and in the pools around waterfalls.
What equipment should I bring with me?
If you are used to walking with poles then you should bring these with you as you will not be able to buy them in Cuba. They are not essential as the treks are manageable, however you should think about your personal preferences and whatever will make your walking more enjoyable. For full details of what we recommend you bring, take a look at the Kit List under Useful Information.
Is there any specific clothing I should bring?
You should bring proper trekking / hiking shoes suitable which you have already worn in a bit before coming to Cuba. Trainers or any other form of comfortable footwear are definitely not recommended as you will be covering long distances each day and any rainfall will make the tracks muddy and slippery. For full details of what we recommend you bring, take a look at the Kit List under Useful Information
What accommodation will I be staying in during the trip?
Accommodation will depend on the type of trip you book. Cuba is still considered a developing country with a relatively young tourist industry so standards will not be comparable to other countries. In Havana and the main tourists resort areas located along the northern coastline, development has been taking place at a rapid pace to accommodate the increased interest Cuba is receiving as a holiday destination and there are plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels here which will, on the whole, live up to expectation.

Outside of Havana however, accommodation is clean but relatively basic with dated furniture and the odd chipped tile here and there. The Cuban government’s primary focus is on the main tourist areas, so places that are off the beaten track are still waiting in line to receive their refurbishments and upgrades. With many items not readily available as a result of the embargo, this is a very slow process.

Do you use local guides on your treks?
Yes, always. We actively invest in Cuba’s future by employing only local guides as part of our commitment to responsible travel. Guides tend to be university graduates who speak at least one foreign language and all of them undergo an in-depth 6 month training course with the Cuban government. All guides that we employ must also do a Cubania guide training course and an annual First Aid course.
What level of fitness should I have for a trekking trip?
This depends on the level of the trip you book, but even at a moderate level you should be happy with the fact that you will either be walking long distances for most of the day. This means you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness.
Can you help me put together a trip for me or my group?
Absolutely! We would be very happy to create a holiday that can be tailored according to your or your group’s requirements so that you get the most out of your time in Cuba. We have a number of upcoming tours which you can look at to give you some ideas, and if these aren’t exactly what you want, then feel free to contact us and we will help you put together something that is more personal to what you would like. Please note that we do not arrange flights however we can suggest the best airlines with regular flights to Cuba or put you in touch with travel agents who provide you with the best deals.