Do the bikes have any bags or panniers fitted?

No, they don’t, however it is possible to fit them if you really want to. There is very little need for this though as you will have access to the support vehicle that follows the group at all times. There is generally a short stop every hour or so. Please note however, that if you do specifically want panniers to be fitted then you will need to bring your own ones with you to Cuba, along with an appropriate bike rack to fit a Trek 4300 bike.

Are water bottles provided on bike trips?
We don’t provide bottles but holders are available on all our bikes and if there enough available, a secondary holder can be added on for you if necessary. There are plenty of opportunities to re-fill from the support vehicle which follows the group at all times.
What make are your bikes in Cuba?
We currently use hard tail Trek 4300 and Specialized Hardrock bikes with V-brakes. We are the only company in Cuba to bring in all our bikes from the UK and permanently store them on the island. We have an excellent team of bike mechanics that maintain them regularly and we pride ourselves on having the best fleet of bikes in Cuba.
What sort of tyres do the bikes in Cuba come with?
We’ve chosen to use the Directional Multi-purpose tyres, which we believe are the best bet for tackling Cuban trails and roads which often have poor quality tarmac and have their fair share of potholes. The DM tyres are semi-slick and are capable of mild cross-country work without compromising comfort and road performance.
What sort of suspensions do your bikes have?
All our bikes have front suspension only.
I want to take my own saddle – what is the seat post diameter?
You are welcome to bring your own but there is not need to bring the seat post, just the saddle.
Do your bikes have clip-in pedals?

No, they don’t, so please bring your own and we will replace the original ones with yours.

Can you always guarantee a bike available to hire locally?
If you do not want to bring your own bike and would like to use one of ours, then this should be arranged at the time of booking and the cost will be included in your invoice. We do have a very large number of bikes available; there may be a limited number of available depending on how many groups we have in the country at the time of your booking. We recommend you book your local bike as early as possible to ensure we can match it to your requirements.
What accommodation will I be staying in during the trip?

Accommodation will depend on the type of trip you book. Cuba is still considered a developing country with a relatively young tourist industry so standards will not be comparable to other countries. In Havana and the main tourist resort areas located along the northern coastline, development has been taking place at a rapid pace to accommodate the increased interest Cuba is receiving as a holiday destination and there are plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels here which will, on the whole, live up to expectations.


Outside of Havana however, accommodation is clean but relatively basic with dated furniture and the odd chipped tile here and there. The Cuban government’s primary focus is on the main tourist areas, so places that are off the beaten track are still waiting in line to receive their refurbishments and upgrades. With many items not readily available as a result of the embargo, this is a very slow process.

Do you use local guides on your cycling tours?
Yes, always. We actively invest in Cuba’s future by employing only local guides as part of our commitment to responsible travel. Guides tend to be university graduates who speak at least one foreign language and all of them undergo an in-depth 6 month training course with the Cuban government. All guides that we employ must also do a Cubania guide training course and an annual First Aid course. Our bike guides are additionally trained to know the basics of bike mechanics.
What level of fitness should I have for a cycling trip?

This depends on the level of the trip you book, but even at a moderate level you should be happy with the fact that you will be cycling long distances for most of the day. This means you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness and cycle regularly back home.

Can you help me put together a trip for me or my group?

Absolutely! We would be very happy to create a holiday that can be tailored according to your or your group’s requirements so that you get the most out of your time in Cuba. We have a number of upcoming tours which you can look at to give you some ideas, and if these aren’t exactly what you want, then feel free to contact us and we will help you put together something that is more personal to what you would like. Please note that we do not arrange flights, however we can suggest the best airlines with regular flights to Cuba or put you in touch with travel agents who provide you with the best deals.

Can I bring my own bike?

You are welcome to bring your own bike and if you book one of our tours then you will need to check with your airline with regards to regulations, packing instructions and charges. Some airlines, such as Air France, don’t allow bikes at all. You must also ensure that your bike is of a similar standard to the ones we use locally and are suitable for both on and off road cycling.


If you book one of the tours we run for our UK tour operators then they will provide you with the relevant details as they will also handle your flight arrangements.
In terms of Cuban customs regulations, all tourists are allowed to bring in a bike tax free, along with a reasonable amount of spare parts for personal use.