We currently offer two week-long cycling itineraries; the Central Cuba Bike Ride and the Western Cuba Bike Ride, both of which are perfect for regular cyclists and can be expanded to allow for extra days on the island.  We plan to offer cycling trips to the east of the island in the near future.


Cuba’s terrain offers excellent variety for both on and off road biking with hilly rides through the world’s finest tobacco growing region in the West and more challenging climbs into the magnificent Sierra Maestra Mountains in the East.  Central Cuba is home to some of the nation’s finest historical locations including Bay of Pigs, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos, with stunning cayos to the North and fantastic beaches to the South.

A good network of near empty roads means you only have to share with the odd vintage American car, Russian truck or typical horse and cart, – with a few potholes thrown in to add to the sense of adventure!

Cubania Classic Cycle

A two week cycling holiday discovering the culture, natural beauty and Revolutionary history of Western and Central Cuba.

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Western Skyline Ride

A week long cycling holiday through western Cuban countryside visiting Las Terrazas and the tobacco fields of Viñales via the spectacular Skyline Trail.

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Western Cuba Bike Ride

Experience the spectacular natural beauty of Western Cuba, cycling through the world famous tobacco growing region of Pinar del Rio.

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Central Cuba Bike Ride

A gentle week long cycling trip taking in the best of Cuba’s architecture, history and natural beauty.

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