Hurricane Irma

After a very difficult weekend in Cuba the island is now facing up to the task of cleaning up and restoring vital infrastructure to the population after the immense force of Hurricane Irma was felt by almost the entire island. Here in Havana, huge waves swept over sea walls in to residential areas, and strong winds have felled a large number of trees, causing road blockages.

The current situation is that they are restoring electricity to Havana and elsewhere in the country and roads are being cleared to restore communications. The north coast of Central Cuba was the worst affected region and other areas only experienced heavy rainfall.

In the coming days, we will get a clearer picture of whether any planned itineraries will be affected by Irma. The Cuban Government has an excellent track record of restoring infrastructure quickly. In Raul Castro’s speech to the people of Cuba, he made a commitment to restore all hotels and services related to tourism by the beginning of the High Season.

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